The girls may have put the “jab” into “hijab,” but fighting with morality police or private individuals telling women to cover up is rare in small towns. It’s more common in larger cities, where women are more likely to take a stand.

"Jab" in "hijab." That’d be a cool name for a hijabi hip-hop group.

We look forward to having Fareed’s thoughtful and important voice back in the magazine with his next column in the issue that comes out on September 7.

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CNN | Religion is not the biggest enemy for Arab women, poll finds ›

The greatest challenge in that quest is not religion but the lack of economic and social development and a dearth of perceived security, said a Gallup Poll released Monday.

"The idea that coming in with a secular liberal social program as the solution to fixing how societies view women isn’t supported by the evidence," said Dalia Mogahed, executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies.

She said the women in the Middle East have very much the same priorities as women in America. They want to lead prosperous lives.

"The research shows that human development and overall education and economic empowerment are the most important interventions we can make to help women’s rights," Mogahed said.

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Well, there you have it. I mean, CNN could’ve been listening to what Arab women have had to say since forever, but behold! A poll!



In short, there is no monolithic Islamic history or experience, which makes it hard or even disingenuous to talk about the challenge that Islam as a whole poses to the West. Put another way, no American would want anyone to think that the Westboro Baptist Church spoke for all of Christianity.

Thank you Timothy Stanley, writing for CNN. Thank you for saying what should have been said, oh I don’t know, since like, forever.

CNN - "Forget cappuccino, Dubai drinkers get a taste for camel-ccino" by Jon Jensen and Rima Maktabi ›

In a Dubai café, patrons sip camel-milk lattes, camel-ccinos and shakes made with camel milk.

The newly opened Cafe2Go is one of the first to put camel milk on its menu and it seems to be passing the taste test with intrigued customers.

"I’m surprised because I was thinking it was tasting really different from the normal milk, but … it’s really nice," said customer Nadia Rizk.

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Camel gives you the silent treatment.

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